Guy Schraenen died on 9 November 2018 in Paris. 


Guy Schraenen, Ernst Caramelle exhibition,
Guy Schraenen. Photo: Ernst Caramelle




Detailed information about Guy Schraenen will come soon. In meantime find a description of his activities here:
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Primary information can be found here:

Collected Writings Guy Schraenen. Essays, Statements, Interviews 1974-2013

Edited by Bettina Brach with the collaboration of Maike Aden, Bremen: Centre for Artists' Publications 2013

Guy Schraenen’s “Collected Writings” give access to all the texts he published over four decades, from the 1970s up until the very recent past. They document his abiding interest in the history and the significance of the international networks underlying artists’ publications and initiatives in the 1960s and 1970s. He reflects upon the socio-political and cultural strategies of the artist-initiated art scene, which remained independent of the official art establishment. 

The writings are presented in the form of facsimiles of the original publications. Most texts are in English, some in French, several also in other languages. They are available in two versions:

  • A digitalized version on DVD
  • A print version in 2 folders

Order: Centre for Artists' Publications Bremen, Germany






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