Claude Rutault

claude rutault. bibliograhie 1998 


Exhibition catalogue conceptualized by Guy Schraenen and Claude Rutault on occasion of an exhibition on Claude Rutaud's books which consists of texts, the artist's "definitions/methods". Bremen, Neues Museum Weserburg; Institut Français Bremen, 1998. Volume 22 within the series A Museum Within A Museum (24 catalogues + Vol. 1), Bremen, Centre for Artists' Publications Weserburg, 2011


Lieu Commun, Paris; Bremen, Guy Schraenen Catalogue



Leaflet and folded poster in the illustrated catalogue in form of a container which was published on occasion of an exhibition taking place in Bremen and Paris. Participating artists: Charles Dreyfus, claude rutault, Anne Deguelle, Lefevre Jean Claude, Edmund Kuppel, Esther Ferrer, Cristophe Cuzin. Bremen; Paris: Institut Français; Musée Zadkine, 2001. 15 x 22 x 2,2 cm.