Françoise Janicot



One of the first and probably the largest "Xerox-Books". 15 full page photographs realized in xerography. Concept: Guy Schraenen, 1973.  45 x 58 cm, 45 copies, of which only 20 could be realized, numbered and signed.



Photo book including 92 photographies of Françoise Janicot's performance on the poem EncoconnagPasse-Partout n° 9 by Bernard Heidsieck. Version 1 and 3 of the poem are offered on a 30 cm record included in the book. Photographies and design: Guy Schraenen, 1974.  31 x 31 cm, 480 copies, numbered and signed. Special edition: 20 copies with a photo collage by Françoise Janicot, numbered and signed.  

Françoise Janicot portrays the confinement of women and their self-liberation. In an interview with Fabienne Dumont she states: "L'Encoconnage was an expression of the state I was in, i.e. tied up in my work as an artist, by the impossibility of being in communication. I had to show that I was tied up, completely caught up in existence, that it wasn't possible." For her it was "the need for a strong image to get out of the difficult situation of being an artist, mother and wife at that time".


"Encoconnagewas presented in 2014 in the exhibition "Open Book. Artists' Books and Photography" at the photo fair "Paris Photo" together with a film on the photo book. 



Guy Schraenen: Encoconnage, AXE Film, 1974 (still)



Super 8 film realized by Guy Schraenen on Françoise Janicot's performance on a sound poem by Bernhard Heidsieck, AXE FILM, Guy Schraenen editeur, 1975.

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Contribution to 15 CARTES POSTALES DE..., a catalogue in form of a wallet containing a text by Guy Schraenen and 15 postcards, especially created for this edition by artists who worked with the publishing house Guy Schraenen éditeur, 1974 (Engl./ Nederl./ Franç.).