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Guy Schraenen (ed.): Revue Axe, 1975-76

AXE is a multimedia magazine edited by Guy Schraenen between 1975 and 1976. It features artists such as Henri Chopin, Jean Degottex, Mirtha Dermisache, Françoise Dufrêne, Brion Gysin, John Giorno, Sten Hanson, Bernard Heidsieck, Françoise Mairey, Paul van Ostajen and many more, most of them not known at that time. Their interventions focus mainly on sound poetry, visual poetry and verbal poetry, but also on conceptual works. It contains writings, posters, postcards, cut-outs, fold-outs etc., printed in offset, typography and silkscreen on various types of paper. Each issue includes a 17 cm record. The first 10 numbers contain also a Super 8 film. AXE serves thus as an exhibition space on its own. But once unfolded outside the covers, the inserts can easily fill an entire exhibition space. 
All together, three issues have been published. Available are single issues as well as the complete set of three issues in a slipcase: 30 x 21 x 4,5 cm (each issue: 30 x 21 x 1 cm), 500 copies. 

Special edition: with numbered and signed works by each artist.

The first 10 copies of each issue include an original work and a Super 8 film by an artist (see: SOUND & FILM).


AXE N° 1



Roy Adzak (O*) – Eduard Bal – Bram Bogart – Henri Chopin (D*) – Degottex (C/N/F*) – Mirtha Dermisache – Bernard Heidsieck – J.P. Schelfhout (N*) – Ung No Lee (N) – Niko Van Daele – Paul Van Ostaijen - Oscar Jesper.


* C=Cover; D=Record; F=Film; N=Numbered and signed work; O=Original 

AXE N° 2



Antoine De Bary (N) – Maurice Benhamou – Hugo De Clercq – François Dufrêne (D/F) – Servulo Esmeraldo (N) – Rene Guiette (C/N) – Brion Gysin (D) – Bernard Heidsieck – Plessi (O)

AXE N° 3


Jo Delahaut – John Giorno – Brion Gysin (C/N/F) – Sten Hanson (D) – Bernard Heidsieck (O) – Arrigo Lora Totino (N) – Françoise Mairey (N) – Klaus Ritterbusch 



Poésure et peintrie : d'un art, l'autre, exhibition catalogue, Marseille 1993, p. 412 / 597:

"All works are limited edition originals. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting magazines, as it includes sound, visual and verbal poetry". 

Bernard Heidsieck in a conversation with Jacques Donguy; in: Poésure et peintrie, 1993:

"Yes, he had always great sense of implementing things with a great taste and a professionalism, although this is done with very simple facilities. There were only three issues but everyone is fine, one with a cover from Degottex, the other from Brian Gysin, and each time he approached objects or publications, he did it with great ingenuity and great sophistication".  


Interview with Guy Schraenen about AXE; in: Marie Boivent: Revues d'artistes, une sélection, Rennes 2008, pp. 96-101 


Reflection on AXE within the context of artists' magazines; in: Marie Boivent: La revue d’artiste. Enjeux et spécificités d’une pratique artistique, Rennes, 2015, pp. 119, 254, 302, 398, 424.


Guy Schranen colleXtion

ColleXtion is a series of object books presented in a slipcase. Printed in offset, silkscreen, mimeography or Xerox. Each book contains an object, a collage or another insert.  


Slipcase with 10 object books, 1975-1977. 11 x 15 x 2,5 cm (each book 11 x 15 cm), 480 copies, numbered.

Special edition: 10 object books presented in a box, each with an original signed work or a multiple, 1975-1977,

11,5 x 17 x 21,5 cm, 20 copies, numbered and signed.  

  • Eduard Bal - Middelheim 20/21.8.1978*
  • Antoine de Bary - Mis Sous Envelope Le 14 Juillet
  • Michael Gibbs - 5 Coloured Alphabets in Black and White
  • Bram Bogart - Peinture
  • Roy Adzak - Fire-Imprint
  • Maglione - La leçon de broderie
  • John Belis - 3 sculptures
  • Servulo Esmeraldo - Méthode pratique et illustrée pour construire un excitable...
  • Hugo De Clercq - Framework 
  • Aeschbacher - Aeschbacher de Bechi-Bouzouk 




Slipcase with 5 object books, 1978. 11 x 15 x 1,2 cm (each book: 11 x 15 cm), 480 copies, numbered.

Special edition: 5 object books in a box, each one with an original signed work or a multiple, 1978.

Box: 11,5 x 17 x 11,5 cm, 20 copies, numbered and signed.

  • Lucio Del Pezzo - Abc
  • Klaus Ritterbusch - "Oh, wie ich deine Kurven liebe!"
  • Gerald Minkoff - The Theorie and Praxis of Rubber Stamping
  • Bernard Villers - Trace
  • Cozette De Charmony - Mon centimètre volant 
 Antwerp: Guy Schraenen éditeur 1975-1978
ColleXtion 1 & ColleXtion Suite, special edition

Guy Schraenen in octavo

In Octavo (1990-1992) is a series of ten artists’ books presented in a slipcase. The books follow the in-octavo-form (the printed sheet has been folded three times, giving eight sheets, or sixteen pages). The contributions are presented differently with fold outs, colored prints, various papers etc. 

Slip case with 10 books, 21 x 15 x 3,5 cm (each book 21 x 14,5 cm), 500 copies, numbered.

Special edition: Slip case with 10 books, 15 x 21 x 18 cm (each book 21 x 14,5 cm x 1,5 cm), 20 copies. Each book with an original signed work or a multiple, numbered and signed. 

Guy Schraenen éditeur artists' books Künstlerbücher livres d'artistes
In Octavo, special edition, 1990-91
  • Aeschbacher – Tian Aden
  • Gianni Bertini – Mes cartes
  • Henri Chopin – mil 1000 mille dates
  • Luc Deleu – Barcelona Towers
  • Denmark – Multum, non multa
  • Peter Downsbrough – For Rent
  • Wilfried Huet - Eque
  • Jiri Kolar – Le vin des Mots
  • Marie Orensanz – Communiquer…
  • Bernard Villers – Géomemétrie variable